About The App

Monéé is a Mobile Loan, Savings, Investment, Bill Payment and Funds Transfer application powered by Citygate Global, a Microfinance Institution with over 13 years experience in the Finance Sector. It is both a financial service and a financial platform that enhances the quality of its user’s lives by giving them a needed financial boost when they need it and by providing a means for them to make targeted Savings and Investment plans.

Monéé is about Easing the Present and Safeguarding the future. It is designed to ease the lives of its users in the present by meeting present financial needs through small ticket loans that are easily accessible to them and by providing a one stop bill payments platform that enhances its users’ lives. With Monéé, you can do all your banking transactions without being physically present in a bank.

Beyond the present, Monéé is about safeguarding the Future by providing a User-Friendly Platform where Users can set up Savings and Investment Plans for their Future.

It is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Monéé is for every Nigerian who has a Smartphone and needs an easily accessible Mobile Loan, Savings, Investment, Bill Payment and Funds Transfer Application to support their daily lives.


Quick Loan

You could get your money immediately by applying through our Monéé App. Once your application is approved, we'll transfer the money to your wallet account straightaway.

  • Sign in or sign up to identify.
  • Complete your loan application
  • Tell us how much you would like to borrow.
  • Monéé App comes back to you with available loan offer and expected repayment terms.
  • Submit the application if acceptable to you, and Monéé App notifies you the decision within minutes.
  • Loan proceed is credited to your Monéé App wallet straightway.


Savings can be a good way to provide for your financial future especially if you find an option that suits you. You can have instant access to your savings account whenever you want to, while fixed–term accounts may require you to lock down your money for a period of time. Depending on the type of account, there are attractive interest rates available, so the more you save, the more you'll earn.

  • Sign in or sign up to identify.
  • Choose the Monéé App Savings module
  • Select your wallet to save the money
  • Tell Monéé App how much you would like to save or lockdown
  • Monéé App deducts specified amount from your wallet

Airtime & Data

Airtime and data top up can be done easily with Monéé.

Airtime Recharge
  • Log into the monee app
  • Select 'Airtime Recharge'
  • Type in the amount to recharge
  • Select the network provider and type in the mobile number to recharge
  • Enter transaction pin and confirm.
Data Recharge
  • Log into the monee app
  • Select 'Data Recharge'
  • Select network provider
  • Select package
  • Enter your mobile number and click the 'Recharge' button
  • Enter transaction pin and confirm.

Fund Transfer

Fund transfer to and from your monéé wallet is seamless. Fund transfer can inward (from other banks to your monéé wallet) or outward (from your monéé wallet to other banks).

Outward transfer
  • Log into the monéé app
  • Select 'Transfer Funds'
  • Select 'Bank Transfer'
  • Fill the fields for a NEW BENEFICIARY or select an existing beneficiary.
  • Select the 'Continue' button
  • Enter the amount to transfer and narration
  • Select the 'Transfer' button
  • Enter your transaction pin and select the confirm button
Inward transfer
  • Select Empire Trust MFB as the beneficiary bank.
  • Enter your monéé account number.

Bills Payment

Discover an easier and reliable way to pay your bills and buy airtime with Monéé App.

  • Select your desired action (Bills payment or Airtime purchase)
  • Select the vendor
  • Enter the Mobile number or the Biller ID
  • Enter the amount desired for Purchase/Topup
  • Hit the End | Send button to commit transaction

What People Have To Say
About The App

Nothing gladdens our hearts more than getting positive feedbacks from our customers.

Here are some feedbacks from some of our customers.

“I was able to transfer cash to my cousin in a short time. Monéé App …truly a financial solution provider in time of need.”

Toye Isola
Finance Expert

“I really like the ease with which I can pay my bills seamlessly in a short time. Kudos to the Monéé team.”

Bukky Oni

“Monéé app is a must have for everyone on their smart phone.”

Gbenga Kadiri
Marketing Executive


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